Security & Safety of Lifan 320 Series


While ensuring the welding precision of the vehicle body, the robot welding line has enhanced 30% of the vehicle body strength. Energy-Absorbing and Anti-Crushing Engine Cover. While influenced by the force, the engine cover will absorb much energy through distortion, to protect the drivers and passenger.

The front bumper of Lifan 320 adopts European newest design. With good energy absorbing, reduce the damage to the body when the accident happens. The front and rear anti-impacting beams are inlayed, which has got the national patent. In the urban road (with low speed), they can effectively protect the main body when the accident happens. This can reduce the maintenance cost for a lot, and increase the safety.

Rear bumper is designed with big skirt which enlarges effective bump protection area. Energy absorption design enhances safety. The design attaches great importance on safety. It is made of strong steel and the structure fully considers the impact of rear-end collision. This can decrease the harm to the passengers on the rear seats.

The front braking system for Lifan 320 is the disk, while that for the rear braking system is the drum. The EBD is equipped on that. With good heat dissipation and balanced braking force, the braking is more reliable. Double circuit of oil return also makes it more reliable. This can effectively guarantee the balance of the braking force from the four wheels, makes it safer.