1. Vehicle Head with Anti-Collision Design:
The large-size energy-absorbing front bumper and front anti-collision steel beam, in conjunction with the zones that collapse and corrugate to absorb energy, maximizes the safety for people in the vehicle in case of collision.

2. Broad External Rear-View Mirrors with Super-Wide-View Turn Signal Lamps:
X60's external rear-view mirrors have fairly broad surfaces to enhance driving safety.
The external rear-view mirror is integrated with a turn signal lamp that is decorated with a silvery bright strip. The configuration is fashionable, and enhances safety in cases of lane change or taking a turn in urban areas.
Option of defrosting function is available for the rear-view mirrors.

3. Four-Channel/Four-Sensor ABS and EBD:
Lifan X60 adopts advanced four-channel/four-sensor ABS and EBD. The design can effectively eliminate the slip and swing caused by imbalanced braking force.

4. High-Strength Unitary Safe Vehicle Body:
Lifan X60 adopts the unitary vehicle body that is mainly made of high-strength low-alloy steel plates.
In the front and back of vehicle body, there are stiffened steel plates as well as the zones that collapse to absorb energy in case of collision.
The four doors are equipped with internal anti-collision steel beams, ensuring the greatest safety for the driver and passengers in cases of collision.

5. Five-Spoke Aluminum Hubs and High-Performance Wide Tires:
LLifan X60 adopts the Comfortable 520 series wide tires which Giti Tire Corporation especially manufactures for SUVs. The tires ensure wonderful drivability under normal conditions, and also ensure adequate grip and stable braking on wet slippery roads.

6. Double Super-Wide-View LED Combination Tail Lamps:
The super-wide-view double LED combination tail lamps are noble in appearance and can emit bright light to greatly enhance the safety in the back.